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Keto – Day 53: Progress

Keto – Day 53: Progress

Took a two week hiatus from Keto and IF and only gained 2 lbs.

My average has now dropped to about 0.19lbs a day.

Calories will remain at 1900 kcals.

I started my light cardio and weight training back up as well as alternating between drinking my GOL Raw Meal shake with coffee, and Keto Chow after 10:30am.

Keto Chow Recipe:
1 scoop Keto Chow
16oz of water
3 Tablespoons of Avocado Oil (Chosen Foods)
2 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds
3 Tablespoons of Heavy Whipping Cream
Leave overnight

Loving the progress and am totally surprised by the how steady my weight remained during the break.

Keto – Day 23: Progress

Keto – Day 23: Progress

Averaging about .32lbs a day.

Decreased from 2000 kcals a day to 1900 kcals yesterday.

Still working out every morning and still drinking my GOL Raw Meal shake with coffee after 11am to keep my IF going.

Feeling great and proud of my steady progess.

Keto – Day 19: Progress

Keto – Day 19: Progress

Completed a 72 hour liquid fast. It was an amazing experience. I enjoy food some much more now and my stomach has shrunken to the size of a freakin peanut.

My celebratory dinner consisted of a fatty steak, aparagus, a potato, ice cream and some beer to wash it down. The flavors were explosive. Wow. I have decided to try a 3 day fast once a month.

Keto – Day 10: Progress

Keto – Day 10: Progress

Days 2-4: I got a strong case of the Keto Flu which consisted of a never ending headache and runny nose. I bought some Keto7 DHEA and I think it helped.

Cheated on Day 29 & 30 for a friends wedding weekend.

Down 4 pounds and feeling great!

Keto – Day 0: Starting Keto

Keto – Day 0: Starting Keto

After doing tons of research on Keto and have decided to try this out. It looks very promising. Below are my targets:

2000 Calories

Carbs – 25g (5%)

Fat – 156g (65%)

Protein – 125g (30%)

I am going to also mix in intermittent fasting using the 8hr eating window and 16hr fasting window.

Breakfast will consist of either Garden Of Life(GOL) Raw Organic Meal – Chocolate and 2 Tablespoon of MCT Oil or Keto Chow v2.0 with 3.5 Tablespoons of MCT Oil to help me achieve my fat goals.

I am also going to keep my daily routine of light cardio in the morning.
Hopefully this isn’t to much to throw in all at once.