Keto – Day 0: Starting Keto

Keto – Day 0: Starting Keto

After doing tons of research on Keto and have decided to try this out. It looks very promising. Below are my targets:

1000 Calories

Carbs – 13g (5%)

Fat – 72g (65%)

Protein – 75g (30%)

I am going to also mix in intermittent fasting using the 8hr eating window and 16hr fasting window.

I prepared a meal plan for the first week consisting entirely of Garden Of Life(GOL) Raw Organic Meal – Chocolate and 1 Tablespoon of MCT Oil to help me achieve my fat goals.

I am also going to keep my daily routine of light cardio in the morning.
Hopefully this isn’t to much to throw in all at once.

Presentation on Unit Testing

Presentation on Unit Testing

This presentation goes over the difference between mock objects and stubs. Roy Osherove points out some common misconceptions that occur when creating test cases such as the more unit cases there, the safer your code is. He also illustrates the importance of Test Reviews.

New Website Launch for Kentucky Artist

New Website Launch for Kentucky Artist

I recently was given the opportunity to build and deploy a website for a talented musician out of Louisville, Kentucky. Jake Groves plays with multiple bands around town and his harmonica skills are second to none. His logo designer, Jeremiah Richthofen, is also based out of Kentucky and is known for his strong woodworking skills.

I used Twitter Bootstrap for sizing and spacing. I used Less, Sass, and Normalize to clean it up. I tried out Google Material Gallery for the images. Font Awesome was used for the page icon and a little bit jQuery for some basic functionality.

Jake Groves –

Jeremiah Richthofen-

Stephen Kuehl –